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The following components are protected for 3 months from the date of purchase against mechanical breakdown.

Please note that if a part is not specifically listed it is therefore not covered.


Rocker assembly, inlet and exhaust valves, valve guides and springs (excluding burnt valves and decokes), cylinder head (excluding cracks and overheating damage), head gasket, push rods, camshaft and cam followers, timing gears, chains and tensioner, oil pump, pistons and rings, cylinder bores, gudgeon pins, con rods and bearings, crank shaft and bearings, oil seals and bushes, inlet and exhaust manifolds, fly wheel and ring gear (except dual mass flywheels with excess play), turbo speed sensor, lambda sensor, oil pressure switch, camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, distributor drive, oil cooler.

Gearbox Manual

All internal failures of gears, shafts, synchromesh hubs, selectors, seals and bushes, bearings, speedometer drive, solenoid, transfer box.

Automatic Gearbox

All internal failures of gears, oil pump, seals, shafts, bushes, clutches, brake bands, bearings, governors, servos, torque convertor, drive plate, valve block, computer governor, modulator valve, speedometer drive.

Cooling System

Water pump, thermostat, radiator and head gasket. All other parts and damage caused by overheating, frost or as a lack of anti-freeze are excluded.

Fuel System

Mechanical/electrical fuel pump, stepper motor, injection pump, air flow sensor, pressure sensor, fuel pressure regulator, oxygen sensors, throttle position sensors, fuel lift pump.


Centre plate, pressure plate, thrust bearing, clutch fork, cable, master cylinder, slave cylinder. Excluding external linkages or burnt out parts. Limited to one clutch repair during the warranty period.


In the unlikely event of mechanical breakdown with your vehicle, please follow the warranty claim procedure below.

Send an email to [email protected] stating the full registration number of your vehicle and the date of purchase. Please then include a brief description of the symptoms you are experiencing with the vehicle and any fault lights that are displayed on the dash board.

We will contact you via email as soon as possible and arrange for your vehicle to be looked at by one of our designated garages. We do not handle warranty claims over the phone as we are often very busy and have no way of recording the information given in the call. We advise that you have some form of breakdown/recovery policy in place as it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the vehicle can be recovered to the garage for repair.

The vehicle must be returned to our premises or one of our designated garages. We will not cover any repairs carried out by other garages without our prior permission.

Once a complete investigation and diagnosis have been carried out. If the part or parts at fault are listed on the warranty component cover, the vehicle will be repaired and the cost of the repair will be covered by Premier Motor Sales (Gloucestershire) LTD.

If the fault is found to be a part that is not covered by warranty, we will contact you with the diagnosis. You are then welcome to collect the vehicle and have it repaired elsewhere at your cost or our mechanics will be happy to give you a quote to repair the vehicle at trade rates.